What is an organization?

An organization typically represents a distinct entity, such as a company, department, team, or any other relevant grouping. It acts as a container that defines the scope and boundaries of the data or resources associated with it.


To create an organization


Organizational Level RBAC

RBAC at the organizational level entails the implementation of RBAC principles and policies across the entire organization, including its projects, applications, and resources. By adopting RBAC at this level, organizations can ensure consistent and secure access control.

Permission Levels

RBAC incorporates three distinct permission levels, each with its own set of privileges:

  • Admin: The admin role possesses extensive permissions, allowing users to create, update, modify, and delete both the main entity and its child entities.

  • Editor: The editor role enables users to read and edit the main entity and its child entities, without the ability to create or delete.

  • Viewer: The viewer role grants users read-only access to the main entity and its child entities, without any editing privileges.


To delete an organization

Please ensure that all resources are verified and removed before proceeding with the removal of the organization.